Yakuza 4 dating guide

You'll need to beat up a few loan sharks while you're at Adam, two of which are armed.

Opt to follow him to West Park, then go talk to Miki's Friend at Children's Park north of Theater Square.

You now have five minutes to get three girls' phone numbers, so speak to as many of them as possible.

The timer is still running while dialogue boxes are open, so try not to talk to anyone else; it wastes time.

This gives you a great opportunity to beat up a lot of people with very fragile office furniture, in addition to 2,000 XP and a 40,000 yen bribe to stay quiet. Until then, he's warming a barstool at the Earth Angel in the Champion District, which may tell you something about him.

What this boils down to is a memory test on various dishes at Kanrai and Kyushu.

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