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When Jane manages to get the dress off, Kristen is exhausted and doesn't care anymore.She tells her that it was Jane's dress and she honestly forgot. Jane tells her she looked amazing in her dress, she just could have admitted it was hers from the beginning.There's only one problem; it looks vaguely familiar.

Xander won’t turn a big set of fake tits away, and they won’t suck themselves!

In addition to the serious human health effects, emissions from fossil fuel electricity generation are the single largest contributor to global warming, responsible for 36% of the country’s emissions of carbon …

Teaching Her A Thing Or Two Athena Faris is a very sexy girl, but her stepmom, Marie Mc Cray, just can not figure her out.

We know the importance of welcoming new and changing technology, so in 1996, we embraced the promising new cellular communication industry.

Since then, Fleming Construction Inc., has been providing A/C and …

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