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And that turns out to be running around the house completely naked in plain sight of the guy next door.And when he finally tosses a glance her way, she makes it abundantly clear what she'd like a little of his sexy company.

To get it back, Alana offers to suck Alex's dick and then volunteers Elsa to fuck her stepbrother.

Forget about watching videos all day, chatting with these hotties is way more fun!

Elsa Jean has her friend Alana Summers over for a slumber party.

They share some girl talk, and then Alana models a bra and panties for Elsa.

Soon they're snapping photos to send to the object of their desire, unaware that Elsa's stepbrother Alex D. Things heat up when Alana discovers Elsa's hidden stash of sex toys and suggests that they practice together by sticking dildos to the mirror and then riding them.

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