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As the elevator slows to a stop, you slip your business card under her dress and whisper, “Chip or no chip? You can see the thick outline of baggy cotton bloomers beneath her black work slacks.When you look down at your hand, you are horrified to see a ring of orange tan spray on your index finger.Donald has been over-using the tanning spray, and you see large streaks of orange on the inside of his briefs and in the sheets.The Cialis has kicked in, because you see your husband's flaccid, freckled member balloon into a glistening deli pickle. " he says, grabbing you roughly by the back of your head and mashing your nose into his groin. And there awaits the sight that has haunted you for years. He makes a very loud sucking sound and stares right into your eyes. He's clearly feeling a combination of pleasure and pain. You have an out of body experience as he guides your head over his swollen member, up and down.Blood trickles from your left nostril and mixes with your tears and saliva as Donald grinds his semi-erect penis relentlessly up and down your face. On the bottom of your husband's left testicle is a ruddy, swollen melanoma, the size of a silver dollar pancake. His orange and purple ding-dong grows to the size of a waterlogged Twinkie. You wipe the strange taste of zinc and mushrooms from your lips, orange tanning spray collecting on your fingers and at the corners of your mouth. Tears well up in your eyes and mascara runs down your cheeks.You catch a whiff of his ass and almost retch— it smells like the dumpster of a crowded Asian fish market. He grabs a handful of hair and pulls your face to his. You can smell the halitosis emanating from his rotten, chipmunk mouth — and the whitefish-and-cream-cheese sandwich he had for lunch. You dread the royal-blue tunic ensemble, but you put it on."Put on the costume," he says, motioning to the Hillary Clinton outfit and wig he has laid out for you on the dresser. You tie your hair up, and you snap the sandy-gray bob onto the tiny metal rivets Trump had his plastic surgeon install on your scalp the night before your wedding.Please add a one-time donation to help fund our most urgent campaigns to fight discrimination and expand LGBTQ rights.Remember, 100% of your purchase fuels the fight for LGBTQ equality and makes you an active member of the Human Rights Campaign.For a moment, you feel a twinge of pain and humility.The next thing you know, you've stripped off your tuxedo and you're hyperventilating in the shower.

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