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The other guys at the table immediately nodded in agreement.

For others, it means sliding into their favorite jeans and heels and adding some extra eyeliner. “Do you love going to the park or visiting public gardens, heading to quirky markets, having a coffee by the canal? If you’re a bit more urban and edgy, you might want to head to the coolest part of town and include some cool street art or pop up shops as a backdrop.But when it comes to the first picture you present to the world, you might be wise to shine all on your own. Do you use group photos when you're online dating?Raise your hand if you’ve ever, a) sent a screenshot of a terrible Tinder profile picture to a friend, b) been sent a screenshot of a terrible Tinder pic from a friend, c) wasted way more time than you should have scrolling through one of those compilations of terrible online dating photos.“We live in a visual world and, more and more, people are wanting a better quality experience online, whether they are shopping, gaming or watching shows. Pretty soon, people will start skipping over poor quality images and head straight to the profiles where people have made the effort to get some light, bright good quality shots.But not everyone can pull off a selfie, and those who do should probably take them sparingly, if academic research is to be believed.“Browsing market stalls, roller-blading, reading, and sitting in cafes, for example, can all be captured easily in natural, unposed shots making great dating profile photos.”“Tinder recently announced that they’ve found using color in dating profile photos is a winning way to attract more dates,” Nelson says.“As a dating photographer, I have been using this tactic for years.I started going through the user's photos to find out which one she was, and in my humble opinion, she was the prettiest one. On the other hand, maybe you don't want someone who won't go through the effort to look through all your photos to determine who you are, or who wouldn't automatically think you're the loveliest of all your friends. Otherwise, put yourself front and center for your online dating profile picture.I turned the phone to show my friend."OK, but look at this! By all means, use group photos for the rest of the shots to show how much fun you and your friends have, or how pretty you looked in a friend's recent wedding party.Or perhaps, even worse, they may like the look of your friends too much and would prefer to date one of them instead.Keep things simple and stick with a photo of just you. And watch the dates roll in.”“A tipping point is coming really soon when it’s going to be unacceptable to use blurry [smartphone] photos, old holiday snaps and/or bathroom selfies to create your dating profile,” Nelson says.

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