Who tyler perry dating now

READ MORE Tyler Perry's joining the Hurricane Harvey million dollar club ... We caught up with him Monday night at Craig's in We Ho and our photog asked him about…

donating his own cash to relief efforts and spreading it around to charities that have boots on the ground. READ MORE Tyler Perry is a dead ringer for Drake ...

His father was a carpenter and they had a very strained and abusive relationship, which led Perry to suffer from depression as a teenager.

Apparently Oprah was just in Atlanta congratulating Tyler on his 800th episode. Seems like some pretty convincing — and delicious — proof…at least when he's mugging for pics with foreigners without a clue. were spotted having a few giggles and sharing a couple of smiles in Atlanta at the Louis Vuitton store in Lenox Square Mall.We're told he's been designing and building on the property for 3 years. READ MORE Janet Jackson is finally back on tour, and fans -- including Tyler Perry -- are reaping the benefits of some serious post breakup hotness.Janet resumed her State of the World tour Thursday night… and he's firing back at all the haters giving him crap over his new TV series. EST: According to a source speaking directly to Perez Hilton.com, all claims about the rift are "categorically untrue and fabricated," and that the pair are "as close as ever." And they have evidence!Oprah Winfrey has been BFFs with Tyler Perry ever since he appeared on her show back in 2001.I reached out to Ne Ne’s camp and I did not get a response and I reached out Tyler’s camp and noone confirmed or denied but they did state he is living life to the fullest. How many of you believe that these two are together or did they just happen to be at the same place at the same time???We would have believe this more if the source said Oprah kicked Stedman to the curb and decided to get it in with Tyler Perry!!!Tyler has gone on to established a successful career as a writer, director and producer for stage, television and film.See full bio on IMDb » Nev Schulman's life is already becoming a movie thanks to Tyler Perry, who's putting Nev and his entire 'Catfish' crew in his next flick alongside Tiffany Haddish. READ MORE Tyler Perry is building a massive estate near his massive studio in Georgia.

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