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This is the kind of drama that lingers days after you finished it. 10/10 Lovee the chemistry of Gangdoo and all the other characters. The slice of life lesson left in this drama struck me, in a positive way.This drama taught me to always see the good in people, to not judge people from their looks and to always choose kindness before anything else. Pls watch not only with your eyes, with your heart too!i just hope that there's someone by the side of anyone who's suffering , there's one line i can totally relate to i had to stop watching just to cry, it was when she saw her sister in her dreams and she said something like "I m afraid cuz now i can only see her in my dreams" Oh my gosh!!! This drama just made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.So heartbreaking and sad but intertwined with moments of what makes you feel truly alive. A bit of a spoiler ahead: I bit disappointed that CEO Seo and Yoo Jin didnt get back together.If you like to contemplate about life and feed your empathy, this movie will sure your to go.This is so warm, they gave us enough time to re evaluate our value and the way we see person and problem, as we oftenly simplify the issue.I've seen soooo many melancholic/romance dramas and I can definitely say that this drama is the number one for me. The chemistry btw all actors and actresses are superb although I could see some awkward scenes. Simply amazing and looking fwrd seeing Junho and Jin A in other drama.

Well it’s been 2 months since I finished this amazing series and I’m still thinking of it !!!!!I really don't know why the jtbc dramas lack in ratings although having a good story!!!There is too much sadness,sickness and pain in this drama....almost all the characters are sad and lonely....amidst all this sadness and hopelessness,the ending came out as a big relief...terrace scene at the end is very similar to the lawn scene in the kdrama “uncontrollably fond” where Kim woo bin passes away while resting his head on Suzy’ s shoulder....but,thankfully, the director here,chose not to kill off the male lead...ending offers proper closure to all the other supporting characters’ story lines as well...of them weren’t the typical kdrama cliched happy endings....but, the endings were appropriate and satisfactory...fond relationship between the grandmother and Lee Dang Woo was heartwarming to watch....veteran actress is a powerhouse performer..... the female lead looks pure and innocent and emotes really well,besides,bearing resemblance to actress Soo Ae...the other actors,too,were quite good....though a little too high on the melodrama and sickness quotient,this drama will keep you interested till the end....so,all in all, a good drama.While watching the drama, it reminiscences me another drama; secret love. The character development is amazingly executed, they have so many story entangled together and you wont get bored.Though the storyline is quite opposite, the feeling lingered is the same (at least for me). You have perfect pair of lead and supporting roles.☺️ It's a story of two tragic souls who found comfort with each other.Beautiful, almost heartbreaking, but is very hopeful and kind.Lee Gang-Doo (Lee Joon-Ho) dreamed of becoming a soccer player, but an accident ended those dreams. Ha Moon-Soo also endured through the same accident that killed her younger sibling. She has lived her life earnestly, while suppressing her feelings.His father died in the accident and he broke his leg. Now, he doesn't have anything and just wastes his days. After meeting Lee Gang-Doo, Ha Moon-Soo begins to express her hidden feelings. Best so far...♥ Acting-10/10 Chemistry-10/10 Story-10/10 I have so many dramas..this one was actually amazing...And must I add, don't forget to put a box of kleenex beside you while watching this.lol Anyway, I'll give this a perfect score for a job well done script. I just started last ep and had to stop for a while so I m writing this , i cried with every episode of this drama, its so realistic warm heartbreaking and comforting ,shows that life is sometimes so unfair that some people pay it hard for being alive ,no one is having it easy ,it makes you think about what life is really about , it wakes the values we lost in our daily life .

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