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Anthony was found dead in Kaysersberg Vignoble luxury hotel room on 8th June 2018. According to the public prosecutor, Bourdain committed suicide by hanging himself.Anthony Bourdain, the chef and gifted storyteller who took TV viewers around the world to explore culture, cuisine and the human condition for nearly two decades, has died. https://t.co/eq FL2an Gf4 pic.twitter.com/v Uv IZ0QIVg — CNN (@CNN) June 8, 2018 When the news of Anthony’s death swirl throughout the world, she deleted her Insta story.But after the breakup with Owens, Garrett became closer to another cast Juliette Porter.Both are seen together quite often, and are together in shows.

The ex-duo lived married life for twenty years and parted ways in 2005. After the divorce, he made a statement that being away from his child and wife for more than half of a year was straining.In fact, both were in a relationship for more than a year before coming in as reality star.But, she is not his first girlfriend, he dated Lexilacy before her.He is Florida native and is local cast for the series. He holds American citizenship and is of white American ethnicity. Garrett is personal fitness trainer by profession and later came to be a reality star.Garrett is not only a reality star but is also a fitness trainer.His mother Pierre was Columbia Records executive, and his father Gladys was New York Times editor.Although his parents were from a different religion (Catholic father and Jewish mother), he never had problems.If you go through their Instagram posts, you can see them together kissing and hugging. But in the last season, his girlfriend started flirting another cast Alex and dumped Garrett. In the recent episode, Kelsey was drunk and went to her ex-boyfriend’s room to sleep.Well, it is still not clear whether he still has some feelings left for her or not.However, the bombshell is now definitely ready to get back on the horse, so to speak.The US star said: "I'm just trying to get some regular sex on a regular basis.

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