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The "Grim Sleeper" apparently took a 14-year hiatus after his last known crime in 1988 and the murders that resumed in 2002 (leading to the epithet by which he is known), but this history may be only an accident of the evidence collected. Enietra "Margette" was told to use her middle name as her last name for her protection, but has since come forward as Enietra Margette Washington.Attacked on November 20, 1988, she is the only known survivor.They found similar DNA belonging to Franklin's son, Christopher, who had been convicted of a felony weapons charge.

The coalition launched a media campaign and set a monetary reward aiming to capture the killer.

The joint LAPD-Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department investigation determined that the crimes were committed by a single person labeled the "Southside Slayer".

Their results were announced to the public on September 23, 1985.

The police were investigating two of the six as potential victims killed during a 14-year lapse between an initial spate of Grim Sleeper murders that ended in 1988 and several more that began in 2002.

Of the remaining four victims, two bodies were discovered in the 1980s and two were reported missing in 2005 but the remains of the other two were never found, police said.

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