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According to the assessment, it is seen that Kravitz is highly recognized for her role Bonnie Carlson presented for HBO series ‘Big Little Lies’, though she has presented a supporting role but receive an immense acclaim.

Her fans adore her for her modeling and singing skills too.

As she is the daughter of the musician so automatically some singing passion is inherited to her. She is the founder of an R&B band having label ‘Lolawolf’.

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Kravitz is honored to work with Will and Jaden Smith in science fiction movie ‘After Earth’ in 2013.

She was cast for ‘The Divergent Series’ as Christina and for director George Miller’s movie ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ in 2015 which was later selected for Academy Awards.

While Kravitz's debut album, which exemplified his own eclectic blend of rock influences, was moderately successful, he didn't achieve widespread fame until Madonna covered his song, "Justify My Love," in 1990.

As Kravitz was rising to stardom, his marriage to Bonet disintegrated.

We're not sure if that's awesome or weird, but it had to be mentioned.Professional Life: Kravitz initiated her career from the movie ‘No Reservations’ in 2007 and presented the character of a babysitter, at that time she was in high school.In the following year, ‘The Brave One’ was another successful project for her.We come across a lot of hot Instagram accounts each day — hell, it's our job to discover those things and introduce you to the sexy ladies who partake in posting pictures and videos on the reg.And, as much fun as we have finding those new accounts for you, it's always nice to feature a supermodel like Barbara Fialho, who is a complete stunner and now the girlfriend of rock legend Lenny Kravitz.Later in 2011, Kravitz appeared in Marvel Comics movie ‘X-Men: First Class’ as Angel Salvador and enhances her popularity and worth.But, Kravitz delivered her best in the fourth spin-off of ‘Californication’, a Showtime television series.In 1985, while still struggling to land his big break, Kravitz was deeply saddened by news of his parents' divorce. Lenny and Lisa fell in love and quickly moved in together. Back in New York, Lenny had the good fortune to meet recording engineer Henry Hirsh.It was the opportunity that Kravitz had been looking for.Apart from relationships, she is getting fame because of her family background and outstanding career.She is the daughter of legendary stars of the industry.

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