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"But we were very nervous and excited."They may be older and wiser, but some of the "wonder" is still there, especially for the actors who played the preteens in puppy love."I did have a crush on Fred, in the beginning," admits Danica Mc Kellar, who played Savage’s love interest Winnie Cooper.

GALLERY: 11 Stars Who Appeared on 'The Wonder Years' Before They Were Famous Since the show, all three stars have remained successful, though not necessarily in front of the camera.

Fred also appeared in Morningstar/Eveningstar, Dinosaurs! He has directed several episodes of Fred Aaron Savage was born on the 9th of July, 1976 in Chicago, Illinois to Lewis and Joanne Savage.

His father was an industrial real estate broker and consultant.

Though born in Chicago, he grew up in Glencoe before the family relocated to California.

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Education is still an important part of Mc Kellar’s life - and portraying a girl brainiac clearly had an impact.

The designer claimed that Lauria had suggested to her that she should be Savage’s “first” (the charge against Lauria was dismissed early on in the suit).

In either case, nine months after it was filed — and despite the furor it had caused in the media — the lawsuit was dropped. I can find no reports specifically stating the reason why it was dropped (because naturally, the media is all over sexual harassment charges, but nowhere around when they’re dismissed) but it might have had something to do with what Alley Mills — who played the mother on Wonder Years — had said (via): “This lawsuit is beyond ridiculous,” she says.

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Though it’s been off the air now for over 20 years, The Wonder Years is finally getting a release on DVD sometime during the second half of 2014.

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