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200 — but celebration was cut short when founding member, guitarist Hillel Slovak, passed away in June 1988, at age 26, from a heroin overdose. The Peppers didn’t begin their second life until they connected with a teenage Slovak fan named John Frusciante and a hard-rock loving, heavy-hitting behemoth named Chad Smith. It would establish the longest-standing line-up in the Peppers, eventually responsible for 19 million records sold.A grieving Jack Irons, unable to continue, left shortly after. The band attempted to trudge forward with a new lineup including P-Funk guitarist De Wayne “Blackbyrd” Mc Knight and Dead Kennedys drummer D. August 16th marks the 25, the album that set the Peppers on a path for MTV stardom, festival headlining and, eventually, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.So, all of this this did not take long after you arrived in California. [Denise Zoom] knew that they were looking for a drummer, and my friend, Newt Cole, who was dating Denise, said, “I got your guy. He eats drums for breakfast.” Unbeknownst to me, that’s how I was presented to the Chili Peppers. And they’re looking at me like, “Who is this Midwestern galoot, hairy, bandana-wearing…

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I just stayed that way.”Fans hope the same can be said for Kiedis as they wait to hear an update on why he was hospitalized so suddenly. from Detroit in August of 1988 — and by December he was drumming in the band.Smith looks back at the moment that changed his life, re-invented his band, and ultimately made the world a little freakier.Flea, Kiedis, guitarist Hillel Slovak, and drummer Jack Irons formed the Red Hot Chili Peppers in 1983.Flea has been vocal about the band’s rampant drug use in their early days — Slovak died of a heroin overdose in 1988 — but both Flea and Anthony have been clean for years.However, Anthony Kiedis contracted flu which scuppered those plans.Aoife Kelly The weather may have taken a bit of a turn since last weekend's Queen with Adam Lambert concert at Marlay Park, but at least fans of Bruno Mars will probably escape the threat of sunburn and...So as soon as we start playing, man, that all went out the window. Yeah, I just turned 27 in ’88 by the time I met them in December.Anthony and Flea were 26 — birthdays always within two weeks of us —and John was like, 18.And in a couple months, maybe, we were recording by February or March, which is a pretty short time compared to now. But it was that initial excitement of new guys in a band, new music. Literally, when I joined the band, I had like in my Bank of America checking account. There were little mountains in the background — made out of tinfoil and plywood, fake mountains — so I helped make those, but I got to go be on the set, during the video shoot, in Hollywood.It felt kind of magical and felt like a new chapter for the band. It was definitely a new thing for us, and I loved it. And we did a little 10-day tour and I made ,000. I was so excited like, “Wow — breathing the same air as Keith Richards.

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