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In the opening sequence, Stiles narrates the changes were made on the pretext that restaurant staff have grown more aware of the show and the company, and became more savvy in their scams.Charles greets the owners with his signature, "Charles Stiles, Mystery Diners" at the beginning of the episode.After the proof is shown, this leads to the confrontation where Rose ends up having to let her nephew go from his employment.After losing thousands of dollars in unaccounted alcohol and hearing rumors of late-night staff parties, the owner of Big Earl's Greasy Eats contacts Charles Stiles and the Mystery Diners for help.The narrator revealed that the former chef has gone out of business without his own overhead.The owner has his food and supplies all in check, with The Groves having an improvement in business.

Fearing he is unqualified for the job, the couple hires Charles Stiles and Mystery Diners Danny, Chris, and Deanna to go undercover and show them just how incompetent their nephew truly is.

After seeing enough, the owner goes down and rounds up the staff members responsible for the problems and brings them to the control room to be confronted by Charles Stiles, an event which usually ends with those staff members getting fired and/or occasional law enforcement intervention if a confrontation becomes violent (though several have sighted the sting and quickly flee the building before the confrontation can take place).

Otherwise innocent staff members who prove to have been manipulated by the troublesome staff member are, however, normally spared by the owners.

During the confrontation, Jay praised Gwen, told Brad to be more confident in his abilities, and fired Sophia. Profits and service are back to normal at Caffe Boa.

The narrator revealed that Sophia has found employment elsewhere. The owner of Amaro Italian Bistro seeks the help of Charles Stiles and the Mystery Diners because he believes his manager is acting inappropriately with the staff and picking favorites based on appearance.

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