When did remus and tonks start dating

"Hey, I didn't choose the future, ok." Teddy cried. Harry and Ginny's faces turned deep red while Mrs Weasley hugged then both. "And finally Victoire, Dominique and Louis Weasley, kids of Bill and Fleur." Teddy finished. "Soon to be wife, actually." Teddy said, glancing at the soon-to-be dead twin. Teddy pointed his wand at it and the picture grew to the size of a plate. "This was taken in summer." Teddy said."That's me." Harry, Ginny, George, Ron, Hermione cried. " Molly asked."Those three there are James Sirius, Albus Severus, Lily Luna Potter; kids of Harry and Ginny," Teddy started, pointing out three kids. "Then there is Roxanne and Fred Weasley; kids of George and Angelina." Teddy continued, pointing them out. "Then Molly and Lucy Weasley; daughters of Percy and Audrey, then Rose and Hugo Weasley; kids of Ron and Hermione." Like Harry and Ginny, the two blushed a deep red as everyone looked between them. Teddy got a girlfriend." Fred teased, ruffling his hair. Kingsley, in addition to meditation and the rudiments of occlumency, was teaching Harry potions.Unsurprisingly, with a decent teacher who actually explained the "why" of each ingredient, Harry was picking up the subject quickly.

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To fill in his allotted training time, Godric worked with Harry to harness his Mage Sight. No, not really." Teddy said awkwardly, running a hand through his hair. A boy with her black hair, emerald green eyes entered the room."Harry! Everyone laughed, but Remus noticed his sons face and eyes, glancing down at a very pretty girl. He smiled widely when he said Victoire."Wow, that's a lot of Weasley's." Sirius laughed. YOU ARE READING Fanfiction Teddy has finally turned 19, and can now Apparate whenever and wherever he wants. But when he accidentally lands in Harry's private study and knocks over an old Grandfather clock, he finds himself in a familiar place, but it is very very different. "Anyway, I dunno if he'll be able to come and get me because I'm not even sure if he can travel back and then forward in time. "No, but Mad-Eye is, is, Mad-Eye, he can't die." Tonks cried. Snape's face drained of what colour was there as the young mans words reach his ears. He dies.""Thank bloody Merlin." Sirius muttered under his breath. The next few days after their shopping trip were busy for what Godric had coined as the "new House of Potter".They finished arranging Gryffindor Keep, and more importantly, Harry's summer training started.

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