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However, it's not too late to save your i Phone from yourself.We gathered some pearls of wisdom from tech experts, consumer feedback, and research on proper phone etiquette so you can cut back on all those trips to the Apple Store. It’s no secret the i Phone comes with precious little storage space.The chemicals found in cleaning products eat away at the coating on the panel.

Like the Net, the mobile landscape is a malware cesspool."Couldn’t resist modifying your i Phone to run Android or play Game Boy games, huh? Now you can’t receive future software updates or security patches.All those unofficial apps you downloaded from the Web... Oh yeah, did I mention jailbreaking causes i OS to crash on occasion as well?But updating your i Phone can be the radical solution that prevents your device from crashing frequently or running slow.Not to mention the latest round of i OS features tend to improve system performance and security.Look, we’re not saying keep your phone in your pocket at all times -- that would be way too polite.But when it's under 32 degrees or above 95, use your i Phone outdoors sparingly.With over 700 million sold globally, the i Phone will go down as one of the greatest innovations of the 21st century.And like every great invention, it's destined to suffer abuse and misuse -- eventually becoming devoid of functionality by way of broken screens and unintended trips into the toilet.Problem is, the handset requires a good amount of it to continue functioning.Spare yourself the torture of deleting photos to free up space and just pick up a Mophie Spacestation for the extra memory (32GB/64/128GB) and power. Common sense should tell you that Windex isn’t the ideal solution for removing touch-screen smudge.

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