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On the one side there are grazing cows, mellow farm buildings and all the rural glories of the peaceful Golden Valley, overlooked for centuries by the mediaeval abbey.

On the other, just beyond a chain link fence across the river, is the SAS Regiment's training ground and likely a couple of chaps crawling on the ground with blacked up faces and tufts of grass in their helmets.

We are certified and licensed with the Ministry of...

There is much to hope for in the average June: a continuance of the mayfly fishing for a couple of weeks, good fishing on the brooks, usually some rain to wash the rivers out and set two sea winter summer salmon jostling to get upstream, some early sewin fishing with luck and the coarse fishing opening on the lower Wye.

PB of Gloucester had 7 trout, 2 of them at 17 inches, at Trallong and Abercamlais using a Ginger Quill and a Blue Dun - a traditional approach if ever there was one.

MT from Evesham fished at Llyn Gwgia and caught 11 trout to 1 pound in weight using some traditional flies such as the famous Zulu, Black Pennell and a muddled version of the Green Peter.

The boat, he reported was, well…just about OK if somewhat battered, but altogether it was a lovely day in the wilds.

I admit that this top section is very tight casting.

On the 4th, JA from Leominster caught 5 from the Arrow at Kington using small dry flies.

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