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Yes, even in the comfort of your own home, at least if your video partner is a new friend.Pants (or anything on the bottom — sleeping bag, leggings) are important, lest you go commando, forget you’re sans pants, stand up in a jiff and flash everyone.So far the best I’ve ever heard is more of a general reminder: It’s only weird if you make it weird.If you accept that as fact, you’ll excel in today’s lesson on how to video chat for your first date.Test this with the device you’ll be making the call on, not a mirror. Use a dimmer if you can, and a far away candle that doesn’t cast weird shadows. You also don’t want someone calling you out from the couch about all of the stuff you and your date have in common (so crazy, right! Set a time and date and treat the appointment just as you would a date in person, then stick to it. Wear what you feel best in, keeping in mind that these early impressions are your shot to communicate who you are through what you put on, so interpret that as you will.If you’re most at ease in a turtleneck, there you go. My one advice here is to, for once, wear something on the bottom.And maybe this is bad advice, but all I’m saying is, no one needs to know you’re working remotely from the moon or inside a fish tank or on roller coaster or something, you know?

— and you realized that maybe your person didn’t have to be so close, that maybe convenience was restrictive and boring, and wouldn’t it be exciting to have an excuse to go travel beyond work or visiting grandma? When I put the call out to my friends for the best video-dating tips, a number in long-distance relationships responded, plus a pal who had his first date with his girlfriend over video.

(What’s worse: Realizing you just told an entire story to a dead phone, or having a phone so dead it takes 20 agonizing minutes to turn back on again?

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