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In this view can I create my own formatting style if I want to??

I was not able to understand how would this function work without running it.....

Below are examples of formulas that can return a blank cell. Using two quotation marks is how you instruct Excel to display a blank cell. If not, the calculated result of A1/B1 is displayed.

There are three common ways to check if a cell is blank.

I am creating a spreadsheet which will be uploaded to a database and there needs to be strict validation.

I need to ensure that if cell A2 has text in it, then cells C2, D2, F2, G2 must have data.

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The second is a cell that has a formula that returns a blank cell (see examples below).Excel can restrict data entry to certain cells by using data validation, prompt users to enter valid data when a cell is selected, and display an error message when a user enters invalid data.If I enter 35 data validation isn't triggered and the VBA "logic" doesn't loop (at any time) If I enter 950 data validation (in Excel not VBA) is triggered and retry is selected - enter 35 and the VBA "logic" loops twice I'm using Worksheet_Change(By Val Target As Range) I'm using Application.You don't need to worry about whatever the Data box shows, as that's disabled with the Custom option.Note: You must enter the data validation formula for cell A2 first, then copy A2 to A3: A10 so that the second argument to the COUNTIF will match the current cell.In the original sheet there are various fields with data validation in - but when the sheets are copied they lose the data validation - which means if they need to be updated with new information they cant be.Can anyone suggest any code that will enable the data validation to be retained on the new copied sheet.This is what I have: Sub Chg Info() Dim Sht As Worksheet For Each Sht In Worksheets Columns("G: G"). Replace What:="1", Replacement:="ACTIVE USER", Search Order:=xl By Rows, Match Case:=False Sht. Replace What:="1", _ Replacement:="1-Read Only", Search Order:=xl By Columns, Match Case:=False Sht. Replace What:="2", _ Replacement:="2-Assessor", Search Order:=xl By Columns, Match Case:=False Sht. Replace What:="3", _ Replacement:="3-REVIEWER", Search Order:=xl By Columns, Match Case:=False Next End Sub Also, I wanted to know if there is a way to add our own format in the custom format field in 'Format Cell' menu and pick custom??? Do the same thing to the drop-downs on top to view the events for a workbook. I understand that using cutsom format we can change the entire column in one format but what if I wanted to have 3 different values in the same column?? As far as I know (and as much as I understand you), you cannot run code with a custom format.Thanks in advance Private Sub Worksheet_Change(By Val Target As Range) Debug. You can however create a macro to do the work and add it to a tool bar button or a menu item. Hello, I have been trying to validate the entry & change its value in a cell when user enters it. I mean can I make the above stuff working without using a macro?? Go to the worksheet section of the code (where you pasted the macro) and look up a the top of the code sheet.For Eg: In column G I have enteries for permissions as 1,2,3 which have to be interpreted as 1-Read Only 2-Assessor 3-Reviewer I have written a macro that searches and replaces them. You should see two drop-downs with one saying Worksheet and the second saying Change.

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