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If you have not yet done so, make sure to check out the main changelog notes for that release.

July 12, 2018 Our focus for this cycle has been on some key improvements to the editing experience of our builders, of which we're proud to announce inline editing!

As you can remember, Internet Explorer doesn’t recognize the :hover pseudo class anywhere but on the links.

As we added a :hover pseudo class to the list item with won’t display the submenus.

This change is to indicate you can double-click to begin inline editing: After double clicking a faint green outline will appear to show the boundary of what you are editing. Depending on the element you are editing there are two possible toolbars.

A compact toolbar will show when editing a single level element like a heading or button.

Drop down menus are among the coolest things on the web.

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We don’t want to show the second level navigation until the mouse goes over the navigation element that has the submenu (Projects). If we use to remove these elements, the elements will disappear because we would have a gap between them.

We could position the second level navigation with top and left, and this will work just fine in Firefox.

Because of instead (I will show you why is this very important later in this article).

Because we used line-height to define height of the buttons, we do not have to define top and bottom padding, but we have to define it for left and right.

We will set up slightly different styles for the first and second navigation levels to make a difference between them.

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