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OSC is the modern day Scoop Jackson---he's an anti-anti-communist without being a communist enabler so to speak. The coming presidential primary season, which will stretch for more than a year, will be the scene of multi-candidate cattle calls in which entrants will moo canned messages, spring scripted attacks, ignore interlocutors' questions and declare inevitable victories." I agree with this point. That's something we largely agree on around here I thought.

Yeah, he thinks the only legitimate opinion is ones close to his(proll'y on the left side of things). If he has to admitt it we might actually get somewhere with news coverage.

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You'd think I would learn not to have any more positive expectations... I am an educator, in the sense that a bad example is very educational. The Armorer prefers this not be a "ditto-head" echo chamber. Fuzzy, you simply said all there was to be said, and no one felt you left anything out? on December 18, 2006 PM Giving commanders additional assets, but only for a short time, is extremely dumb. The Salon story tracks well with the general outlines Mr. As they occur during the normal instructional day, attendance at these things is usually low enough that non-faculty people like myself are invited to attend (That shouldn't reflect badly on the faculty, btw - these are targets of opportunity, and classes still have to be taught and students mentored!Estimates vary, but one from Global Insight puts GDP growth at 17 percent last year and projects 13 percent for 2006.The World Bank has it lower: at 4 percent this year.If ever there was a universally held position, it's the belief that holding a national debate on Iraq is just the thing for what ails us in the Middle East. Perhaps it's because the mainstream media are too timid to declare the difference between right and wrong.But what would a national debate on anything really look like? Presidential candidates staking out positions, and critics taking them on? Magazines and journals offering thoughtful, conflicting takes? Imagine if journalism consisted of more than a collage of conflicting talking points.But a period of 18 months to 24 months would be too long, he said.Oh, so "we'll give the commanders on the ground just some of what they want because we can meet them halfway? But it's a good thing we have such military experts as Senator Reid to tell our generals what is wise (Sorry, there goes that sarcasm again).Well, if that's true, that why is he willing to "go along with" the commanders for even "two months to three months" of putting more soldiers at risk?How barbaric to sacrifice even a single warrior in something that "will not be won militarily!" Now, I agree that utimate success hinges on political machinations in Iraq, but that's not the context Reid is speaking in.Rather, he's using it to justify not putting in the military effort that could allow room for the necessary political growth. I would note that the author of the Mother Jones piece, Daniel Schulman, obviously got nearly the same pitch we did here at Leavenworth, but it's certainly flavored differently. Easy - he was a guest speaker at the Command and General Staff College, where he was brought in to address the Information Operations elective.

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