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The company-generated job description is a gem, and it’s not something to simply throw away or forget about in your “unnecessary paperwork” pile.The same thing goes for new responsibilities and skills: adding them to your resume as they come along ensures that you won’t forget about them later.Add New Jobs to Your Resume as Soon as You Start Chances are you already have a job description given to you by HR.This, along with the job advertisement itself and the information in your onboarding package, will make it pretty easy to update your resume as soon as you accept a new job.

Whether you’ve taught abroad for six months or six years, you’ll have to plenty of skills to update and elaborate on for your potential employers.Simple bullet points will help because you can expand and customize as needed when you apply for a job.Get into the process of having your resume updated regularly by: It’s easy to fall into the thinking of, “I don’t need it now, so I’ll work on it later.” Updating your resume not only gets you ready for a new job search faster, but it can also help you reflect on successes and areas you may need to work on.Include things like job descriptions, recognition emails from bosses, project descriptions, certification information, specialized training/coursework, etc. Also, make sure to label the different documents within the folder so you can easily sort through them when you need to.The beautiful thing about technology is that, if you add files to this folder as they come along, you can sort through everything by date and actually create a chronological timeline of your work information.It’s possible to love your job and still want to be prepared in case a new or exciting offer shows up.Being proactive about your resume will only benefit you by preparing you for the unknown, and it will give you a leg up when the time does come for a new career move.You can always edit your resume and make it look pretty later, but finding job descriptions, skills, and project information from a while back is much harder to do.Do It Now — Because It Gets Harder Later Trust me on this: the longer you are with a company, the harder it is to create a resume — if you are not continually adding to it, that is.There is, however, an easy fix for this situation: update your resume as you go!It sounds simple, like it should be second nature — but unfortunately, this is most often not the case.

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