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Updating to major versions might need some manual intervention.For more info, check the version your are updating to: From version 10.8 onwards, upgrade paths are enforced for version upgrades by default.There are two ways to update Omnibus Git Lab: If you have installed Omnibus Git Lab Community Edition or Enterprise Edition, then the official Git Lab repository should have already been set up for you.

This can only be done if you are using Postgre SQL.Our objectives is to make upgrading from an earlier release as painless as possible going forward and support migration from discontinued versions.we are working with os Ticket community on the best way to upgrade or/and import data from previous versions including 3rd party helpdesk systems.We also recommend that you take the system offline momentarily during the process.While we try to ensure that the upgrade process is straightforward and painless, we can't guarantee it will be the case for every user.While upgrading from the same version of CE to EE is not explicitly necessary, and any standard upgrade jump (i.e.8.0 to 8.7) should work, in the following steps we assume that you are upgrading the same versions.See the upgrade recommendations for suggestions on when to upgrade.If you are upgrading from a non-Omnibus installation to an Omnibus installation, check this guide.Starting from Git Lab 8.0, CI was merged into Git Lab, thus it's no longer a separate application included in the Omnibus package.In Git Lab CI 5.4.0 we changed the way Git Lab CI authorizes with Git Lab.

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