Updating the ide drive

I have tried to update my installation but that will not work so I formatted another disk and tried to install the system with the same look.

When you read the procedure and follow it like I have it looks like something has been omitted or is incorrect.

When it started it went to the blue screen with the same old error that will not help one bit.

All looked like it had everything that was required and said it was going to start Windows.Open the "IDE ATA / ATAPI Controllers" heading to reveal a list of the ATAPI devices used by the computer.Double-click on the ATAPI device for which you wish to update a driver to open a hardware device properties window.The system said that it could not find nvrd32I have searched and found that this is a common problem but I could not find any good solution.So I went the Nvidia web site and downloaded 15.46_nforce_winxp_interational_whql and put on a floppy.Only with up-to-date drivers can ATAPI hardware perform their important job of allowing the connection of not only hard drives , but also DVD and CD drives to the same location on a computer's motherboard.Right-click on the "Start" button to open the start menu.Update the ATAPI or AT Attachment Packet Interface hardware on your Windows PC by using the device manager utility already on the machine.A driver allows a given hardware device to interface with the other components attached to the computer as well as the main circuit board or motherboard.The system runs fine as it is setup but I would like to take advantage of the SATA AHCI controller.Is there Micorsoft documentation or a KB article that explains why after you update the driver for the Intel chipset SATA controller to the Intel storage driver (AHCI) and restart your system, the drivers for the SATA HDD and the SATA optical drive appear to be reinstalled by Windows and you are prompted to restart the system.

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