Updating ie8

Other features of the address bar include support for pasting multi-line URLs and an improved model for inserting the selection caret, and selecting words, or entire URLs in the Address bar.

The inline autocomplete feature has been dropped from Internet Explorer 8, leading to criticism by beta users.

Actions such as selecting the text or other objects will give users access to the usable Accelerator services (such as blogging with the selected text, or viewing a map of a selected geographical location), which can then be invoked with the selected object.

According to Microsoft, Accelerators eliminate the need to copy and paste content between web pages.

If a website or add-on causes a tab to crash in Internet Explorer 8, only that tab is affected.

The browser itself remains stable and other tabs remain unaffected, thereby minimizing any disruption to the browsing experience.

IE8 specifies an XML-based encoding which allows a web application or web service to be invoked as an Accelerator service.

Domain highlighting cannot be turned off by users or web sites.In Private Filtering provides users an added level of control and choice about the information that third party websites can use to track browsing activity.In Private Subscriptions allow you to augment the capability of In Private Blocking by subscribing to lists of websites to block or allow.The readiness toolkit was promoted as something "developers can exploit to make Internet Explorer 8 'light up'." The first non-beta version was released on March 19, 2009.On January 5, 2009, a tool was provided by Microsoft to block the automatic install of Internet Explorer 8 via Windows Update.Effective January 12, 2016, Internet Explorer 8 is no longer supported on any client or server version of Windows, due to new policies specifying that only the newest version of IE available for a supported version of Windows will be supported.Major press focused on a controversy about Version Targeting, and two new features then called Web Slice and Activities.On May 27, 2010, Microsoft released Internet Explorer 8 optimized for Bing and MSN. On January 12, 2016, support for IE8 on all supported Windows operating systems ceased, due to new support policies dictating that only the newest version of IE available for a supported version of Windows is supported.Only Internet Explorer 11 is to be supported, except for Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008, where only Internet Explorer 9 is supported, and Windows Server 2012, where only Internet Explorer 10 is supported.If a tab unexpectedly closes or crashes it is automatically reloaded with the same content as before the crash.Another new feature in IE8 is a redesigned Favorites Bar, which can now host content such as Web Slices, web feeds, and documents, in addition to website links. dialog box with an inline Find toolbar which can be activated by pressing CTRL F or from search box drop-down menu but the F3 (or any other kind of a keyboard-driven) Next Find command has gone.

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