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I just downloaded Juno (Eclipse 4.2 32bit) and wanted to install my FB 4.6 plugin, but the installer says "Adobe Flash Builder requires Eclipse 3.6 or later" - which is bunk, as Juno is the latest and version 4. Sounds like a bug w/ the installer not recognizing any Eclipse versions above 3. Mylyn also relies on a web browser that works with the Standard Widget Toolkit; Windows and Mac OS users are fine, but Linux users might have to download another browser.See the SWT Browser guide for which browsers will work. See the New & Noteworthy for the current supported repository versions.Mylyn extends Eclipse with mechanisms for keeping track of the tasks that you work on.A task is defined as any unit of work that you want to recall or share with others, such as a bug reported by a user or a note to yourself about improving a feature.

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Method 2 below describes how to install Mylyn into Eclipse 3.3 and below using the Update Manager.

These can include methods you have edited, APIs you have referred to, and documents you have browsed.

Mylyn uses this task context to focus the Eclipse UI on interesting information, hide what's uninteresting, and automatically find what's related.

As of writing, Mylyn comes bundled with the main EPP distributions (jee, java, cpp).

If you wish to manually install Mylyn there are two methods depending on the version of Eclipse.

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