Updating a chandelier gym class heroes and neon hitch dating

It makes the whole thing look classic, but updated at the same time – at least in our humble what-the-heck-do-we-know opinion.I don’t have many (okay, any) pictures of the process of re-installing it because it took all four of our hands (Clara’s hands were busy napping and Burger’s paws were probably partaking in a sleep-sesh too).But after sliding the shade down the chain so the rings rested on the top of the chandelier’s fluted center part (there’s a detailed pic of this coming up) Sherry held the whole thing up while I re-wired it to the ceiling in the same manner in which I had taken it down.That’s the extent of my electrician knowledge – just carefully redo what you undo.Since the rings are smaller than the disk that they’re sitting on, they’re completely invisible from below.So only the flies on the ceiling get to enjoy this vantage point.

I just used some craft wire that we had around (pretty thin gauge stuff so it was easy to bend). I just (messily) tied some wire round and round – sort of making a figure eight shape to secure things. This involved shortening the chain that it hung from and snipping the wiring to match the new height.

Perhaps a nice nod to the backs of the built-ins in the adjoined dining room?

So Sherry gathered her supplies: spray primer, our freshly purchased indigo spray paint, rubber gloves, and some sexy black socks (you know, so she can impress all the neighbors with these legs).

We just reattached the finial to the shorter middle rod (since the extension rod that held the ball up screwed right off) and it was good to go.

The next step was figuring out how to attach the drum shade, since it wasn’t exactly made for our old brass chandelier.

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