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Therefore, download Sony PSP Go Firmware 6.61 or download Sony PSP Firmware 6.61, carefully apply it on your portable device, and enjoy your newly-improved gaming console.along with many others, i was pretty excited when the sony psp was announced, but at the time of its release i did not purchase it because i didn't have the funds available and wanted to see what this baby could really do besides games.

if sony allowed people to play roms on their psp, their sales would be mad.he confirmed it was 1.5, meaning that it was a u.s.model that had not been upgraded since it was purchased.this was important because hackers figured out how to get homebrew applications (emulators, games, etc.) running on devices with firmware 1.5. psps, and this took away the ability to run the homebrew stuff as sony worked quickly to patch holes that were cracked.since there were never any new features or real reason to perform this update i skipped it and kept my device at 1.5.if i perform the update, however, i lose the ability to play emulators and full psp games off my memory stick.i have other devices i browse the 'net with so web browsing with an awkward input method isn't a big deal for me.i see that there are new virtual keyboards being released, though, which may make this a bit more compelling of a feature.there are also other hacks out there for customizing your background already with firmware 1.5, so that's not a problem.the ability to extract the files from your umd and put two or three games on a memory stick to save power and eliminate the need to carry around multiple umds is very cool.i am not sure what the legal issues are with extracting the iso from a umd you own and using it on your own device, but i treat it as i do with dvds that i own and then rip to a portable device format that i play on my memory stick.

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