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Now the answer to the question you didn't ask: will anyone think that I am exotic and cool being from LA? You may not embody it, but part of the stereotype involves constant comparisons to LA.

Being from LA is like a past conviction for indecent exposure.

If your goal is to be left completely alone, that's a good method. Tri-Cities traffic is non-existent compared to LA traffic. "Most Desirable" is in the eye of the beholder, but Richland has the highest home prices and Pasco has the cheapest.

I am thinking about moving to the Tri-Cities area of Washington by the end of this year. If you let us know specific things you want in a neighborhood, we can provide more specific information. You are on City Data, so you can lookup the specific numbers yourself, but Pasco is majority Hispanic (primarily Mexican in origin), Richland is predominately white and Kennewick is maybe 20 - 30% Hispanic.

In your opinion, how do you feel about your safety in this area? Are you far away from places such as grocery stores, shopping areas, etc?

Does the Tr-Cities area have alot of trees/forests type thing?

It's one thing for it to be true, it's another thing to keep reminding people of it.

If you want to be as isolated as possible, complain nonstop about how lousy everything local is compared to LA, how few options there are, how white it is, and how bored you are.

But if you're wondering is there an active KKK Klavern, answer is no. Most will not make an effort to get to know you, but will respond to a gradual effort on your part to know them, and can become outstanding neighbors with some investment of time and energy.

I don't think that significant racial tensions here - but that is just my view as a middle-aged white guy. They won't be near as good as wealthy public schools in the LA metro area. Six months out of the year I feel like I am drugged. It is very sunny and hot, but not Phoenix or Baghdad hot, it great pool weather.

A 20 year old second generation Mexican could tell a completely different story. Due to size of the districts and population distribution in the Tri-Cities, all the high schools have to serve a fairly wide variety of needs, from the ESL students who moves to a new high school every year to the Harvard-bound Advanced Placement student, and I think that all the high schools are pretty good at that. However, I grew up an 1.25 hours west of here; I think that if you are moving from a different region, your allergies will be okay (at least for a few years). Winters are mild (probably not by LA standards though). Summer doesn't really start until the beginning of July though. I probably respond to some of your other questions later; if you want to know anything else, just let us know. I was thinking about moving to the Pasco area because I do know some people who live in that area, do you know any nice areas around there?

We have a "Meet & Greet" social every Saturday morning from - at the Prescott Mall/Food Court.

Stop by and be greeted by our host or hostess and pick up a copy of the current Tri-City Singles newsletter. The most recent calendars are posted here in PDF format.

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