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In reality, the Brawliseum metagame will likely resemble the tournament metagame more than that of the ladder.Like tournaments, your typical ladder deck may still find some success, but accurately predicting matchups and building your decks accordingly can be highly rewarding, as we’ve seen in the past with Heroic Tavern Brawls.Read some meta reports, run a few games in Wild Ranked Play, and review available cards in old sets.Do what you can to avoid going in completely blind.Part of maximizing your win rate begins before you get into a game.For many players, Wild Hearthstone is a great unknown.If you’re itching to start the Brawliseum as soon as it is available, you’re probably looking for some decks that are likely to succeed. Combo decks are notoriously keen on bullying slow-developing control decks.

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Recently, Blizzard announced the upcoming Wildfest event designed to feature Hearthstone’s persistent format.

In the Brawliseum, each win directly contributes to the rewards you receive, while each loss brings you closer to the end of your run.

This creates a very different experience than ladder where a single loss, while potentially frustrating, can be quickly rectified.

One of the major draws of the Wild format is the variety.

Use this to your advantage is something isn’t working and shake things up to capitalize on a different strategy. All of these decks have proven to be effective on both ladder and community-driven Wild tournaments, suggesting they’ll be poised to pick up several wins in your upcoming Brawliseum runs!

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