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However, the venom in its bite is relatively mild and more irritating than dangerous, and it rarely actually eats birds – it usually prefers to feast on insects and fellow invertebrates. well, it’s hard to be entirely sure – scientists are always finding new ones – but it is currently the Patu Digua, and when fully grown is no bigger than a pinhead.

And the most poisonous spider, has to be the Brazilian Wandering Spider.

In this way their meal is kept alive and fresh for them to eat back in their den. The fear of human zombies, who become infected and seek out others, is often portrayed in popular media through the horror genre, and it’s not hard to see why.

The loneliness of being one of the last humans alive, desperately trying to escape an impeding apocalypse of brain dead warriors, is not something anyone would wish for.

This is because the lighting wants to form a path between the negatively charged clouds and the positively charged ground.

The electrical lightning connection effectively releases the energy tension between these two surfaces; in the process transferring a lot of energy to things which gets in its way.

are on the hunt for the top ten scary things to look out for.

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Effectively, when faced with a danger, we have two simple options.Unless of course, you escape and successfully restore the human race, and then want an awesome autobiographical film to be made about you decades afterwards. Our friend recently talked about some of his research into lightning at Science Showoff in Cardiff.Did you know that it’s actually really safe to be in a plane or a car during a lightning storm?And if that’s not enough, spiders’ venoms are thought to have health benefits against disease, and are also considered a delicacy by some Cambodians and Venezuelans!Claustrophobia isn’t exclusively a fear of confined spaces, it’s clearer to think of it as a fear of not being able to escape. Claustrophobics often find themselves having to take the stairs instead of the lift (our favourite lazy option), and often don’t like feeling trapped in aeroplanes so can’t travel long distances.s Despite the fact there are no harmful spiders living in the UK, a lot of us still have a fear of them.Perhaps it’s more to do with the way they scuttle and sneak around the skirting board of your bedroom unsuspectingly?Though it doesn’t make those scary loud noises go away. The combination of that whiney drill sound, the fact you can’t see what he’s doing, the pain, the waiting room…is there any part of the whole process which is in any way enjoyable?! There’s not much in the way of complex science to this one!However, when in a car or an aeroplane, the metal exteriors are an excellent conductor which re-route the electrical energy around the people inside.Worth noting if you’re ever caught outside in a dangerous situation.

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