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No one alive today can remember such a soulful vigil for an American political figure.

In Philadelphia alone, 20,000 strong stood at 30 That outpouring of affection was, by itself, the historic tribute for the man whose body lay in that passing train car.

He was the rare white man who could – and did in Indianapolis that tragic April night – break the news to an African American crowd that the Rev. Another portion of gratitude was due to Bobby being so ready and willing to fight for civil rights in places like Mississippi and Alabama.

Civil rights hero John Lewis thinks Bobby’s caring for the struggle had arisen in such battles themselves.

’ ” Bobby followed, “I dream things that never were and say `Why not?

Whoever said Detroit is the the Paris of the Midwest has clearly never dated here -- especially not during winter.

That grim day held none of the pageantry of his brother’s day of mourning.

Take in tropical aromas, desert succulents, and gorgeously preserved Albert Kahn-designed architecture all in one visit.Those days are long gone, but now that your tastes have become refined, you and your SO can explore all the cultural charms that Ontario has to offer.Casinos, strip clubs, great restaurants, and the calmest border agents you’ve ever met are all enough to induce unrivaled levels of passion.There was, instead and simply, standing along those tracks the America who believed in Bobby Kennedy: the African Americans standing prayerfully in Newark and Trenton and Philadelphia, then down waiting at Wilmington and Baltimore; the poor whites in the rough land in between, saluting the man they, too, held in affectionate patriotism.In a powerful way, this route itself — lined by more than a million people — connected the two poles of RFK’s life: his religious faith celebrated at the great St. He may have been the last national leader who held an allegiance for so many poor and working people, white and black and brown.Oh, and did we mention the 1904-erected building is heated?You gotta find an activity that gets you off the couch, but somehow ice hockey isn’t your idea of fun, relaxing night out. More chill than your parents’ bowling alley, but not quite in with the annoyingly hipster crowd.It was that and the police dogs and water jets he witnessed assaulting those thousand young bright-eyed teens in Birmingham. It was, as Jack Newfield, a New York columnist covering his last campaign, wrote, that “he felt the same empathy for white workingmen and women that he felt for blacks, Latinos and Native Americans.He thought of cops, waitresses, construction workers and firefighters as his people.” For eight hours, that train rode down from New York with all those people, black and white, many of them poor, standing alongside saying goodbye to the last political figure they trusted.Sure, there’s an “explosion” of new restaurants popping up all over town, but eating and drinking your way through winter date nights can make squeezing into boat wear come summer a bit tricky.With that in mind, you’ll wanna get creative next time you and your date are tempted to just Hulu and chill (Netflix doesn't have a monopoly on streaming, guys).

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