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Once selected, 2gether will then store their favourite moments in one place, which then cannot be accessed by any other user.However, should a couple want to share a memory with family or friends, 2gether does offer the ability to share through Facebook, Twitter, Whats App or email.He identified four different relationship types: dramatic, conflict-ridden, socially involved and partner-focused.The dramatic group made up 34 per cent of the couples.Online matrimonial company has just launched a new messaging app designed to help couples communicate privately.

Jada met Will when she auditioned to be his girlfriend on The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air in 1990.Actions between the two should not change drasticly but a tiny bit, to at least show you have an interest in the other; such as hookups every now and then, or kissing on the lips for goodbyes and hellos, kisses on the cheek are cute, but its time to bring it to the next level when you are together.Four types of relationship pattern that indicate whether a couple is likely to stay together have been identified in a new study.They study also found that these "types also differed on important relational variables, including satisfaction, love, ambivalence, worries about marriage and leisure".The couples' commitment to wed was tracked using graphs, where each person throughout the nine months plotted important dates that marked changes towards their feelings of marital commitment.The study found that, after the nine-month period, couples in the dramatic group, were most likely to break up.Couples in the socially-involved group were said to be the most influenced by "interactions" on social networks, but their commitment to marriage varied the least.Regular calls can also be initiated within the app, without requiring users to have to revert back to their phone’s home screen.And given that the app is designed for couples, it also offers a number of interesting features to help make communication easier by keeping it all in one place.These changes included arguments and personal differences.The researchers used these graphs, along with monthly interviews, to analyse each couple’s likelihood of marriage.

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