Todd lasance dating

Janet and Maxine employ different methods to attempt to obtain the illegal drug that contributed to Tyler's death.

Director: Grant Brown Caesar's masterly manipulation allows a triumphant Roman recapture of Sinessa.

Director: Lynn Hegarty The trial of the man accused of murdering Ben's grandfather commences with Janet unexpectedly at the helm.

Tracey leaps to conclusions over a mislaid pre-natal ultrasound photo. Director: Lynn Hegarty Richard's old DPP colleague Ben Mc Mahon returns to head the prosecution team against Nate Baldwin.

Lina and Andy struggle with the fallout from last episode's police shooting.

Tatum makes a serious error of judgment after she is groped by a prisoner.

The series final brings unexpected twists in both the Quinn and Gardiner cases.

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Janet and Lina investigate the killing of a young boy by his brother. Director: Jet Wilkinson Alice struggles to accept that Harry may have been killed; Hilda discovers an aptitude for anesthetics; Olive is proposed to by Pat; and Elsie returns to the war as part of the Croix Rouge.

Jensen Ackles Michael Weatherly 2001 - 2003 Sergio Garcia 2003 Wilmer Valderrama 2003 Mark Wahlberg 2003 - 2004 Scott Caan 2004 Derek Jeter 2004 Cash Warren 2004 - 2007 Dane Cook 2007.

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Ben again locks horns with Tony and David over their prosecutorial decisions.

Director: Jet Wilkinson The Quinn matter comes to court, but is put on hold because of media interference.

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