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To ensure satisfaction between the sheets, take time to learn what your Virgo crush enjoys when being pleased sexually and master it.

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Now that I know better, it has all become very clear to me.The best way to do so is by being consistent and dependable.3) Be sensual and explorative, yet consistent in the bedroom. Earth signs in general prefer predictability, and that goes for the bedroom too to a degree.But don’t get it twisted, those born under this sign will always say how they feel. They can be stubborn, aggressive and exert a “my way or the highway” persona on occasion.But if you happen to be captivated by one, they will treat you like the king or queen that you are with no hesitation, and they will accept you for you …authentically.In this case, you are what you wear …or at least you should be when attempting to lock down a Virgo. Virgos rely on order like a Gemini depends on excitement.It, along with peace, are top priorities for this earth sign, who naturally gravitates toward those who do not appear to keep up significant drama.If you ever date a Virgo, they will change who you are for good. Virgo people are gentle, shy, clever, and analytical and like to organize everything around them.Of course there are exceptions to every sign, but for the most part you’ll find your Virgo seeking a state of harmony.In other words, keep your loud, brash, bravado at home.

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