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I watched all this series recently, their attitude was every child is watching porn so they could talk to kids about the sickest porn they wanted oh and they had the moral high ground because they were worried about kids watching porn and if you objected you didnt care about kids.

Of course there are arguments for and against sex education but this programme was extreme and much of the time completely sick.

What would be considered extremely deviant a decade ago were now teaching in schools to 13 year olds, that can hardly be right.

You might have thought this was more appropriate as girls have more to loose so they should be more in control of contraception but they chickened out of discussing this.They went in to major detail about how to wash penis but not the vagina, we had close ups of the male models had to retract the foreskin as if guys couldnt figure out how to do this.After graphic class room demonstrations spooning out a sperm like substance, and discussions about what to do with sperm they had nothing about periods and how women put on tampons.They certainly didnt have models of vaginas on hand so the class could practice inserting femdoms in there.Now you know if you pass around a model of a penis or vagina (as weve seen on other sex education shows of kids playing with models of penises) you would have kids making jokes, we wouldnt tolerate organised humiliation of girls of boys making jokes about fingering some model of a vagina and talking about finger testing (sorry have to be rude to get the point across) so why is it ok to subject boys to an equivalent treatment?Sex education should be focusing more on the consequences of sex, the Sexually transmitted diseases and the joys of being an unmarried mother alone living in fear in dangerous tower blocks.Its wrong that kids are being encouraged to try out extreme sex before they have even formed a significant relationship.This type of sex education would encourage more kids to check up extreme pornography and experiment with extreme sex.Both most people dont seem to be aware of this other angle, why all the hypocrisy?He talked about anal sex and the different things you could do with semen, swopping it from one persons mouth to another. Kids are asked where they could ejaculate their semen, a couple make suggestions the eyes; the breasts, in her mouth.This can only be described as ignorant, how can this be sex education?

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