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Reviewed / Updated June 14, 2013 As of June 7, 2013, the Canadian Chiuldren's Rights Council will be reveiwing information about the latest non-invasive prenatal paternity testingand companies that do such testing.

You can call us for the most current information that we have.

It is sometimes considered to be a private medical practice item which is therefore not allowed. ( ie Buffalo, NY ) for women that want a sample collected for the purpose of establishing paternity before birth.

For example, some companies that selling paternity testing to Ontario residents have stated that they arrange for appointments with doctors (OB/GYN) in Quebec or the U. For more information see the web pages regarding prenatal testing and the associated risks on the website of the Mayo Clinic in the USA , one of the foremost medical institutions in the world. Amniocentesis Amniocentesis is generally performed at later stages of pregnancy ( after 14 weeks).

For example: We do provide information about the correct naming of children and their identity rights, getting bio-parents major medical and heritage information.

We have a whole section on the Baby-naming case of the Supreme Court of Canada.

Once all samples have been received by the laboratory an extraction procedure is used to separate primordial fetal cells from the maternal blood samples.

Scotland's National Newspaper 5,000 women polled Half the women said that if they became pregnant by another man but wanted to stay with their partner, they would lie about the baby's real father.We don't sell paternity testing and we don't give out the names of paternity testing companies.Such conversations are invaluable to us in consideration of public policy and changes to family law.These fetal cells are utilized in determining paternity relationships.Samples are obtained from all parties to be tested including the expecting mother.Women who have been pregnant before may have fetal cells from the previous pregnancy in their bodies for 20 years.In 2008 that changed, one Canadian company that has been developing this technology since 2002 stated that they had a 100% accuracy rate for all women over 13 weeks tested in the past year.We can't give you legal advice but many people appreciate the general information that we can provide which assists them to better understand the situation and are more educated for when they do talk with a family law lawyer who would consider all the facts of their case.Your experiences and thoughts about paternity identity situations are appreciated and gives us a better understanding of people's circumstances and views.A sample may be sent to the paternity testing company of your choice at your cost for paternity testing.Consult with your doctor for full details on what is currently covered by the health plan, and what may be best for you under your circumstances.

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