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Each course (with few exceptions) is required to employ a standard form for student evaluation of courses and teaching.

Please fill out the Student Feedback Form thoughtfully at the end of your course.

Once logged into TUportal, click on the "Self-Service Banner" link, then click the "Student" link, and then the "FERPA Contacts" link.

The university has pledged not to discriminate on the basis of individuals' protected characteristics or statuses: age, color, disability, marital status, national or ethnic origin, race, religion, sex (including pregnancy), sexual orientation and gender identity, veteran status and genetic information.A student or employee who reports that they have been a victim of domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, stalking or sexual exploitation, whether the offense occurred on or off campus, will be provided with a written explanation of the rights and options available to them at the university.Temple University students who believe that instructors are introducing extraneous material into class discussions or that their grades are being affected by their opinions or views that are unrelated to a course's subject matter can file a complaint under the university's policy on academic rights and responsibilities (Temple Policy ).A student may consent to the release of information from education records to parents, guardians or other appropriate persons.The students may provide the university with their consent by completing the FERPA waiver online via TUportal.A victim of sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, stalking and/or sexual exploitation can obtain additional support through the Wellness Resource Center, or from Sandra Foehl, the university’s Title IX officer, who is located in the Office of Equal Opportunity Compliance.Due to various reporting requirements, the Wellness Resource Center personnel and the Title IX coordinator will handle all information they receive discreetly.As time passes, evidence may dissipate or become lost or unavailable, thereby making investigation, possible prosecution, disciplinary proceedings or obtaining protection from abuse orders related to the incident more difficult.If a victim chooses not to make a complaint regarding an incident, he or she nevertheless should consider speaking with Campus Safety Services or other law enforcement to preserve evidence for later reconsideration. Whether or not a victim elects to report the offense to police, to the extent of the victim’s cooperation and consent, university offices, including Campus Safety Services, Tuttleman Counseling Services, the Wellness Resource Center, and the special services manager at Campus Safety Services will work cooperatively to ensure that the complainant’s health, physical safety and academic status are protected, pending the outcome of a formal university investigation of the complaint.However, their interactions with a victim are not confidential.Protection from abuse orders may be available through an appropriate court.

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