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- Up to 0 for a complete and fully working specimen in great condition (depends of year of manufacture).- Up to 0 for a professionnally refurbished unit (electronically restored), complete and in great condition.The above prices do not include add-on accessories like the rifle, extra games and so on.Shared fun and laughter is healthy for individuals and groups.The objectives are to create communication, teamwork, sportsmanship, leadership, strategies and being creative with their team members.Demonstrations were made to Cable TV system operators Teleprompter in 1968.

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- Ralph Baer's biography - The accessories of the Odyssey - Percepts, the free Odyssey add-on game - The extra games of the Odyssey - The Apex-Magnavox 2-in-1 blue card - Schematics of the Odyssey cartridges - The different modules of the Odyssey (circuit boards) - The Odyssey, as sold in France - The German manuals of the Odyssey - Spanish Odyssey clone: Overkal - Argentinian Odyssey clone: Telemach De Panoramic Some sellers happen to propose Odyssey and other Pong games at very (and sometimes extremely) high prices.

Although the prices fluctuate constantly, an Odyssey generally sells at around these prices:- Under 0 for a complete one but untested.

Recommended for: Large groups who are looking for wet outdoor activities to accommodate non swimmers.

We can approximately do 5-7 games in a duration of 1.5 hours.

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