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In a city that has already vanquished many of its enemies through the superpower of teamwork, a special team of avengers seeks to protect that progress so that Smog, The Disengaged and Stagnance may never return, even as they help the city battle a new host of villains. If you were to assume the mantle of an actual superhero, what would you call yourself and why? They are behind the scenes doing all the little things to make all our promotions and in-game entertainment happen.

Fred Holder, 34 President, CEO and co-founder of Green Form What would you say your superpower is? The people I work with daily on the Lookouts staff are an incredible group of people that I consider to be my Chattanooga family, and I hope they do too.

If you were to assume the mantle of an actual superhero, what would you call yourself and why? It's a long-running family joke that is pretty nonsensical, but I imagine it would make for a pretty funny superhero character.

************************ Katie Morgan, 26 Employee relations/special projects with Chattanooga Housing Authority What would you say your superpower is? I like to think that I show up, no matter what, for the people that I care about in my life.

They have always been willing to help me and my brothers any possible way they can so we can achieve our goals. But seriously, the unknown can be quite the nemesis.

But it's times with unexpected problems that I try to push out negative thoughts and only focus on positive solutions to whatever issue has come up.

What I found was a great town filled with nice people, beautiful scenery and lots of great things to do. What team have you had to rely on to face your villains or accomplish your goals? She knows me better than anyone and yet still supports me in everything I do — which sometimes means holding me back when I have crazy ideas. If you could use your powers to change one thing about Chattanooga, what would it be? On the one hand, Chattanooga is a beautiful city with wonderful natural assets and economic growth, while on the other hand, violence is rampant, schools are failing and hope is absent. They both remind me what's most important in this life.

I have found a great home here, so it's hard to think of what to change, but I guess I would say continuing to keep a positive community where everyone is working together to make Chattanooga the best it can be. Who is your favorite superhero — real or mythical — and why? He is the most generous person I know, with both his money and his time. And I have yet to encounter anyone with a better work ethic. It can take you to some bad places and help you rationalize bad decisions. Superhero tagline, like "Knowing is half the battle"? *********************** Peter Woolcock, 31 Director of Chattanooga Football Club Foundation's Operation Get Active; Co-host of CFC Radio What would you say your superpower is? Living all over the world — Australia, Namibia, China, the UK, India — has taught me to get along with all sorts of people, to always have a good attitude, and to adapt to change quickly.

I'd keep on doing what I'm doing: using soccer to encourage Chattanooga's youth to live active, healthy lifestyles while developing teamwork and leadership. It's tough to always be so far away from my parents and sister in England, but I'm lucky to live one block away from the greatest in-laws in the world who also support me immensely.

These are the real powers that will better Chattanooga, and I hope I can help inspire the next generation of our city's leaders. And also, the Volkswagen Workers Foundation, which has very generously supported Operation Get Active from the beginning, in addition to other local foundations.

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