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Her most earnest desire was to marry a young man and to form a wholesome and God-fearing family.However, the devil, whose name was Asmodeus, intervened in a terrible fashion.The Psalmist calls our attention to the fact that the word is a lamp for our feet and a light for our path.In this short essay we would like to focus upon one person present in this brilliant Biblical short-story and literary masterpiece — the person of an angel, whose name is Our prayer and hope is that after reading and prayerfully reflecting upon the Book of Tobit and becoming familiar with this simple and humble composition, that you will be comforted with meeting, knowing, and loving a new friend that already knows you and loves you—the Archangel Raphael.May our young people, through the intercession of Saint Raphael, pursue holiness of mind, feelings, body, thought and action! Raphael is the patron of happy meetings or encounters.He was the one that presented the young couple to each other by travelling with Tobit Jr.He led young Tobit safely to the home of his future bride and spouse Sara. Today more than ever let us consecrate our young people to Raphael so that he might help them to make the right decision with respect to their marriage vocation. May this holy Angel give them light and wisdom on this all-important choice.May Raphael accompany us and save us from the many dangers we experience on our journey to heaven. Before they married they prayed together, expressing their desire not to marry due to lust but for the noble purpose of forming a family.

Unfortunately, birds passing left their droppings that fall into his eyes.Indeed this Archangel greatly desires to walk with you, accompany you in this life so that he will be present with you for all eternity, absorbed in the love of the Blessed Trinity for all eternity.The Book of Tobit presents us with two very serious problems from the outset! During a meal, he leaves the table to help to bury the dead.Another major victory and triumph over human evil—sickness, manifested by blindness. Therefore, before our eyes this Biblical passage manifests God’s loving and healing presence in healing two families with almost unsolvable predicaments—blindness and the loss of prospect husbands.Sadness to the point of despair was transformed into overflowing light for the eyes and joy to the young romantic hearts.Actually the translation of “Raphael” could be rendered “Medicine of God or “God heals”.In short, Raphael is sent by God to accompany the younger Tobit to the home of Sarah for the purpose of sealing a marriage and avoiding future tragedies. being led by Raphael, as they walk along the shore of the sea, they grab hold of a fish and cut out the liver of the fish which Raphael insists be brought with them to the home of Sara and her parents — which is done!We would invite all of you to choose today a new friend—the Archangel Raphael, “God heals”.We will present a list of the specific areas that this great angel can help you, come to your aid and lead you on to the path that leads to holiness, happiness, and heaven!Now what about the problem of the elderly blind man — Tobit Sr.?Upon returning from his wedding and arriving home with his wife, accompanied by the Archangel Raphael, the angelic doctor insists on prayer and also to taking the fish gall that was used earlier before the wedding night, but this time to apply the fish gall to the eyes of the blind—father.

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