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A spokesman for his department said it did not comment on potential removal operations.

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They said Iniyavan was involved in the administration of the Tigers' shipyard, in Sri Lanka's north.

It is unclear how else he participated during the war."He was a senior member of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam and he was in charge of the boat unit," his former comrade Manoharan Thanapalasingam said, through an interpreter.

The pair met while Mr Thanapalasingam was travelling between Tamil Tiger bases to meet cadres and hold political classes.

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He is calling on the Australian Government to meet its human rights obligations."There are international laws that protect people who had involvement with the Tamil Tigers and all we're asking the Australian Government to do is to follow the international laws and give protection to this man," he said.

In its correspondence to the United Nations, the Attorney-General's department has maintained its opposition to Mr Thangalingam staying in Australia."There are not substantial grounds for believing [Mr Thangalingam] faces a real risk of irreparable damage if returned to Sri Lanka," it said.

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