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There is no reason for Chevron to use frames in exactly the order that Arch made them so these numbers are unlikely to align in the majority of cases.

Chassis plates are easy to detach so it is likely that modern owners only have a frame number (i.e. One of the aims of this research will be to unpick these errors and line up modern cars with their correct provenance.

Jeremy Jackson has done an astonishing job supplying pictures of virtually every B19 raced in historic events in the UK and Norbert Vogel and Pieter Melissen are covering European and US events most impressively but more pictures of the cars in the 1970s would be very helpful.

My thanks in particular to Simon Hadfield, Marcus Pye, Brian Redman, Ed Swart, Kevan Mc Lurg, Jeremy Hall, Pieter Melissen, Jeremy Jackson, Norbert Vogel, Philippe Rafesthain, Ian Hebblethwaite, Philippe Demeyer, Steve Wilkinson, Kelvin Jones, Urs Hauenstein, Tim Colman and Roger Andreason for their help and encouragement.

Also driven at ADAC-Flugplatzrennen Mendig and Zandvoort .

Shierson had two cars at Daytona Beach Feb 1972 (MN p9-10) and at Sebring 12 Hours (MN pp12-14) with the newer of the two being driven by Freddy van Beuren/Rudolfo Junco ("an almost brand new car"; Hart aluminium block BDA - MN p9-10).

However, this second car may have been a proper B19: see the Bill Barber car.

Presumably the B19 advertised by Doug Shierson Racing (contact Matt Spitzley) in Autosport .

Driven by Zaborowski at Nürburgring Interserie race (MN p27; preview MN p23), at Wunstorf , Nürburgring and Nuttlar .

Crashed at ADAC Bergrennen Detmold (Gausekoete) on and Zaborowski advises that it was "totally destroyed".

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