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It doesn’t get easier – simply click on a clip and it instantly starts running in the viewing window. No problem – choose another and click it right then and there.

Create an amazing learning experience to help your students learn the most.

With features like motion detection, video/sound recording, and clip uploading, you’ll never miss a moment (or you’ll finally find out who is stealing your snacks from your desk!

) If you need to monitor covertly, using a USB or IP camera lets you separate the camera from your Mac (so there’s no telltale green light) and hide the camera anywhere. With its sophisticated motion and sound detection systems, you can set it to only record when there is something to see (this leaves fewer clips to sort through, and less storage used.) You can also record continuously if you wish.

To setup a video surveillance CCTV system with i Cam Spy, first create a new i Cam Spy account.

With over 8 million downloads, Alfred is without a doubt one of the fastest­-growing home security solutions on the market.

But all of this ease of use and feature set wouldn’t be worth much if you couldn’t find and view the clips you want, right? The integrated, one-click Clip Library has a large, full-screen expandable viewing window, complete with clip thumbnails/details in a scrollable frame on the right.Create professional-looking live streams adding up to 12 different video, audio and image sources.Mixing up live video with secondary footage and other sources of media allows you to deliver a well-rounded and effective message.Now, Many Cam-ers can benefit from an even faster software to create: Be the best game streamer you can be!Stream or record your PC & Console games, display your webcam with any background using the Chroma Key feature and easily control your game stream with the Many Cam overlay.Want to monitor how your pets or kids behaviour when you are not in home?Want to turn your android phone into a webcam so your friends can view what you see? New Feature: Remotely start/stop capture your home Web Cam on your phone whenever you want to monitor it. Free download the webcam server pkg at Cam Server For Web Cam is for smart user; Web Cam is secured.i Cam Spy is a very easy to use Web App, which can turn your PC, tablet or phone (Android, i OS, Windows, Linux) into a remote video and audio surveillance CCTV system, you can access using just a web browser. To view the surveillance video from your camera server, login on a second device and select Start Camera Viewer from the i Cam Spy app menu. Login with the device you want to use as a video surveillance camera and select Start Camera Server from the i Cam Spy app menu. You can place it anywhere and leave it running 24/7.If you are not smart enough, please try our Cam Online Apps instead of posting your foolish comments! Simply plug in your camera, or use the Mac’s built in one, and feature-rich Periscope Pro does the rest.

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