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Remember to look for limbs that are sturdy and connected to the trunk properly (crotches should not be split, or in a weak "U"). Gently bend the branch into the desired angle and use a rope with stakes To hold it in the right position.

Periodically check on the stake and be sure the rope is not cutting into the growing branch.

Canopy pruning on mature maple trees involves significant risk to the arborist.

Use pole saws to prune high-set branches, but be wary of dead fall.

If you prune the tree in the winter or springtime, the sap bleeds or runs out.

Always wipe clean any disinfectant residue to maintain your tools. Several very common problems and questions arise when discussing maple tree pruning.

If you pruned your maple trees and the next day there's liquid running from the pruning spots, don't panic. While it's more likely to run during the fall and early winter, it can run at any time of year.

Most disinfecting agents are damaging to the metal of tools.

Only disinfect the blades if you have trimmed known diseased plants.

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