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As I emerged from the dream, I struggled to open my eyes until I realised I was hooded; I was restrained too; wrist and ankle cuffs, my collar locked around my throat.Beside me, I could hear Mark's breathing, deep and regular.At the river we crossed the bridge and then followed the riverside path home.Both of us, I'm not at embarrassed to say, looked magnificent, me lithe and slim in my blue harness, and voluptuous Kirsty in her red one, both on all fours, our breasts swinging freely beneath us, nipples on occasion brushing longer stalks of grass; our bottoms swaying and hence their 'tails' mounted on our butt plugs swishing as the crawled.I took comfort from the fact she had been naughty and would probably be punished either before or after pleasuring him to ensure her obedience in future.At Mark's command I came up to my knees, something I can do with practiced ease even with my arms bound and something which Kirsty struggles with.He keeps us harnessed most of the time, our breasts forced through steel rings that are rather too small; our breasts are thus kept in a state of exquisite sensitivity.We were thus, as we groveled, building their own pleasure and, I think, he might have let us cum as a reward for our diligence or, perhaps not noticed until too late, had Kirsty not dropped on to her belly with the obvious intention of rubbing her bare sex on the carpet like the hot bitch she is to increase her pleasure.

We were both excited by such enforced submission but after a time, he noticed that our obsequious prostration was as much to allow us to rub their stiffly erect nipples on the carpet as it was to please him.I was determined it would be me and tried to pose as seductively as I could, displaying my body for his pleasure but Kirsty beat me to it and arched her body, spreading her legs even wider as she ran her tongue over his boots lasciviously. My fellow pet is young, willing and very voluptuous and she has lovely brown eyes; sometimes Mark is swayed by this, though I have my own attributes: not least of which is a slim, athletic body with breasts that are almost as large as Kirsty's, and a wealth of experience in pleasing men, particularly Mark.I have, of course, been with him longer and, despite Kirsty's youthful enthusiasm, I am usually his favourite.As a result, they have become regular visitors, enjoying, along with increasing numbers of tourists, the lifestyle implications Mirkada offers.Sally particularly enjoys wearing the traditional Mrikadan costume, the vilisqaz, a garment designed to both restrain and display the female body.Then, before she could recover, he pushed himself inside her, thrusting forward, pushing his body against her plug and groping for her pendulous breasts.When he fucks me like this he nuzzles my neck too but I couldn't help noticing that, even as he enjoyed her he turned to look at me several times as I knelt caged and pressing my body against the steel bars. Then he sent her to the cage telling her to make sure I came just as loudly as she had just done.Over the last three years, their visits to the city have had a profound impact on their relationship and, as a result of their travels, they have experimented increasingly with bondage and domination.Sally, particularly enjoys the pleasure of being kept in bondage and, since their last visit has assumed an increasingly submissive role in their relationship.Part 1 Kirsty and I were straining at the leash as Mark came out of college.He had left us leashed by our clit rings, quite appropriately I thought, to hooks in the ancient stonework designed for chaining the pets of the college dons.

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