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Ruined my whole family and started with legitimate surgeries. Many lives lost and the drug companies made billions.

Blood money, so I hope they enjoy their riches at the cost of many many lives.

Going through a tough time with my wife as she has recently been prescribed these.

Describing a reduced effect of the medication (not lasting 12 hours) and seeing things from the corners of her eyes, feeling as though she is being watched.

Thank you, Betty Faust My name is William Pete Jones II.

I was "Class Representative " in a Defective Product lawsuit in West Virginia v. I'm am in the process of data compilation for a book about the misrepresentation by these companies in the epedemic that crippled my Appalachia! Respectfully, Pete II THIS DRUG IS KILLING SO MANY PEOPLE.

This monster named Oxy Contin distroys emotions, common sense and the ability to care about anything that at one time held some value in their lives. When she was cut off, a friend introduced her2 heroin. Most of them were VERY YOUNG and had started well before their 18th birthday as well.

I wasn’t aware of the long term effects this drug created. She has been an addict since 2011 and can't get any life is a living hell because of this drug. I believe Oxycontin drove my husband to pick up his gun and take his own life last week. NOT a good or necessary drug to have on the market.

F*** THAT I recently read the article written by Christopher Glazek about Purdue Pharmaceuticals and how they came to market Oxy Contin.

Fentanyl killed my niece, Tom Petty, and Now I believe another family member and she was in the hospital and they gave it to her!


How many more lives will they allow to be destroyed before something is done to ban this drug and end this epidemic? I had a friend who wasn't abusing this medication only took the prescribed died of having this drug in his autopsy showed nothing else can his system..medication,even if you take it correctly will kill you.

All I can say I was so so overmedicated and delusional I made an attempt on my life because it wasn't helping my pain anymore and was literally giving me the "creepy crawlies" Oxycontin is a nasty drug that for me would wear off between 6 & 8 hours for me!!! They KNEW what they were doing when they designed these drugs all Oxy products are nasty!!!

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