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"It didn't give people a clear enough idea about what they couldn't do," says Jonathan Entin, a constitutional law professor at Case Western.

Loitering for prostitution arrests plunged from 414 in 1999 to none in 2001.

"It prohibits a lot of stuff that people do in the summer.

It would criminalize such activities as, I don't know, a church group doing some sort of car wash.

I remember seeing a whole lot of judges standing out and waving to cars when they were running for office." Even beyond the constitutional implications, using the traffic code against prostitution presents another thorny issue, says Rexford.

Yet experts wonder if this law has the same Achilles' heel as the one that was struck down. "It sounds like it's going to be another bullshit law." Councilman Zone provides a graphic illustration of the law's ambiguity during a tour of Ohio City.Director, Teacher Education and Field Experiences Professor of Education Dr.Ashley Smith joined Lee’s Helen De Vos College of Education in 2005 as the director of Field Experiences and the following year began directing the Teacher Education Program."I'm glad my kids weren't up at the time." Shirley Lester, a tough-talking grandma who lives on West 50th Street, was driving down an alley with her 12-year-old grandson when they saw a man sitting in a parked car. The court agreed and ruled the law unconstitutional.The problem, the court said, was that the law was too vague."I think the concept is a good idea," says Bob Tucker, who owns a Lake Avenue apartment complex. Yet Zone says if the woman did it again, she could be arrested under his new law. "But I have total faith and confidence in our police to make sure they're using good judgment when they use this code in arresting people." Professor Entin says the law may survive because the language isn't as open-ended as in the previous ordinance."I'm wondering how civil rights are playing into that." His tenant, Nicole Brimer, agrees. "Here, they've pretty much defined what they're prohibiting," he says. Birds are chirping, children are pedaling their bikes, and Fleetwood the pimp is macking. To feed her crack habit, Babydoll has been selling her body for going on two years. That's my girl," he says, pointing to a frumpy 19-year-old who calls herself Babydoll.Police could still arrest prostitutes for soliciting, but savvy hookers knew how to stay out of jail."They're not going to flag me down while I'm driving down the street in a black-and-white," says Officer Leroy Brinkhoff, who staffs a police mini-station on Detroit Avenue.

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