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When it comes to women and dating Jewels: 50 Phenomenal Black Women Over 50 [Michael Cunningham, Connie Briscoe] on Photographer Michael Cunningham (coauthor of Crowns) and author Connie Briscoe, a New York Times bestselling novelist.

Interestingly, 60% of Black women are Internet users compared with only 50% of Black men.

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Her bosom was running reviver, lips parted like the May rose and they could see the droplets of moisture ITS, chest heaving like waves of the sea, from the gut moans escaped, her cheeks glowed crimson eyes glittered not natural, not earthly splendor, hair tousled by Cravath and created prichudny gold ornaments on white, she was in ecstasy, never in her life had she imagined that it was possible and now she is looking up from the earth floating in the sky …

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