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The statues have been removed, but were beloved artifacts from Carter's Hamburgers, which previously occupied the space.] I snapped a few pictures and was about to leave when a man in a motorized wheelchair appeared out of nowhere. I explained that I thought the place was abandoned and was just taking pictures. Two American flags mounted on the back of his wheelchair waved in the breeze.

Thin and frail with graying skin, he spoke through an electrolarynx, which gave his voice a frightening mechanized quality that startled me when I first heard it. Just as I finished admiring the abandoned Sands motel, a police officer approached.

I stopped for a wine tasting at a beautiful little wine dealer and bought a bottle of delicious Zinfandel.

I was surprised to learn that Willcox is in an up-and-coming wine region, which grows 74% of Arizona's wine grapes.

He said someone had reported me as looking potentially suspicious.

At first I assumed it was the guy at the senior apartments, but it had actually been a postal worker who had watched from across the street while I photographed the Chevrolet Dealer.

Across from Willcox Town Hall, a neat restaurant built from an old dining car beckoned to me and I couldn't resist.

I enjoyed a tasty BBQ dinner at Big Tex BBQ before taking a stroll through the rest of the historic district.

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The ensemble cast also features Victor Mature (as Doc Holliday), Linda Darnell, Walter Brennan, Tim Holt, Cathy Downs and Ward Bond.He seemed surprised that someone would consider me a suspicious character.I feel like he made his mind up when he saw me and realized I wasn’t a crackhead looking for copper to pillage.The first thing that caught my eye was the abandoned Desert Inn Motel.[Edit: the below picture is actually of the abandoned Desert Rose Cafe. A huge thanks to the lovely people who left me comments letting me know about this] I drove another block or two before I realized Willcox is best explored on foot.Dilapidated motels stood as bleak reminders of declining tourism.Burger-wielding statues keep vigil over the parking lot.The town was originally established as a whistlestop along the Southern Pacific Railroad, but has been reinvented several times since then.At one time Willcox was the largest beef-producing town in America, giving it the nickname the Cattle Capital of the West.The title of the movie is borrowed from the theme song "Oh My Darling, Clementine", sung in parts over the opening and closing credits.The screenplay is based on the fictionalized biography Wyatt Earp: Frontier Marshal by Stuart Lake, as were two earlier movies, both named Frontier Marshal (released in 19, respectively).

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