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1957-1962 Jack Gregory 1963-1968 Emmett Edmonds * 1968-1969 Pauline Edmonds 1968-1970 D. Cleveland County Past Sheriffs 1886 to 1996 Cleveland County, AR Past County Judges and Sheriffs Columbia County, Arkansas Sheriffs Features a historical list of sheriffs 1853 to present day. Edmonds 1995-1996 Benny Magness 1997-1998 Charlie Garrison 1999-2004 Joe H. Montgomery * Starred names indicate that these Sheriffs were killed while in office. Benton County Sheriff's Office History Features a list of past sheriffs 1866 to present time.Using the following directory, you will locate lists of former sheriffs along with photographs, biographies, county jail histories, county sheriff office history and other documents dating back as far as the 1600's. Alabama Department of Safety History Features several pages devoted to the history of the organization and mentions many names of the past in the Alabama Dept. Calhoun County Former Sheriffs Includes a list of former sheriffs of Calhoun County, AL 1833 to 1995 along with some early county jail photos. Grant County Sheriffs Office History Features a list of sheriffs who served Grant County, Arkansas from 1869 to present with photographs.Cherokee County Sheriffs History Some history Includes a partial list of past sheriffs of Cherokee County, AL 1838 to present day with some photos. Hot Spring County History of Sheriffs Lists all sheriffs who have served Hot Spring County, Arkansas from 1829 to present day.Houston County Past Sheriffs Jefferson County Past Sheriffs 1819 to present Includes photos. Madison County Past Sheriffs List of past sheriffs who served the Madison County Sheriff's Department 1836 to present time. Mississippi County Sheriffs History List of past sheriffs who served the Mississippi County Sheriff's Department 1833 to present day.

Tuscaloosa County History and Past Sheriffs List Includes early photos of law enforcement officers. Napa County Past Sheriffs 1853 to present History of the San Diego County Sheriff's Office.Over 1000 years ago in England, the shire, was formed when groups of hundreds banded together. Just as each hundred was led by a reeve (chief), each shire had a reeve as well. Conway County, Arkansas Sheriffs Includes historical list of sheriffs 1826-1902.To distinguish the leader of a shire from the leader of a mere hundred, the more powerful official became known as the shire-reeve. Crawford County Past Sheriffs A complete list of past sheriffs of the Crawford County Sheriffs Office from 1821 to present day.Marshall County Past Sheriffs A list of the past sheriffs of Marshall County from 1835 to present time. Pope County Sheriff's Office History Features a nicely done history of the Pope County Sheriff's Office with photos.Mobile County Sheriffs History A list of the past sheriffs of Mobile County, Alabama from 1812 to present time.. Lists all past sheriffs who served Pope County from 1829 to present day.Features a list of past sheriffs 1850 to present day.Tulare County Historical Sheriffs List Located at the Tulare County Sheriff's Office.Features a list of past sheriffs 1852 to present day.Ventura County Sheriff's Department History Located at the Ventura County Sheriffs Department.Features a brief history and a gallery of past sheriffs who have served Ventura County.The site also features a memorial to fallen officers.

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